Something Quite Blue

“I didn’t want him to think I was a slut…”.

This one was quite a shocker.   Somehow, since Emily Giffin’s books are sold at family-friendly locations like Target stores, I thought her series (Something Borrowed, Something Blue, etc.) would be PG rated.   Instead, this book had content that ranged from an adult R rating, to a harder R and even close to X-rated material.

There’s a lot of unnecessarily bad language in Something Blue which, when added to the highly charged sexual content, makes it more than a bit difficult to relate to its characters.   Unless, that is, debauchery is your thing.   How bad is this story?   Here’s the set up…   Darcy Rhone is the self-proclaimed beautiful woman (“I was born beautiful.”) who sleeps with the best friend of the man she’s engaged to be married to.   Subsequently, she’s completely shocked to learn that the man she was going to marry has been sleeping with her lifelong best female friend.

It’s the would-be groom, not Darcy, who calls off the wedding.   For some reason we’re supposed to care about Darcy’s long (356 page) journey to renewal – “her journey toward self awareness, forgiveness and motherhood.”   Thanks, but no thanks.  

Apparently Darcy was the villain – the “evil witch” – in Giffin’s first novel Something Borrowed, which makes it even less likely that the reader should be concerned about what happens to her in this installment.   The story line noted above might have been somewhat interesting in some type of dark-but-humorous satire, but this is not that book.   Need I add that the plot also includes an unintended pregnancy?Something Blue 2

I found this to be a tale that simply seemed to have little or no redeeming social value.   I sincerely doubt that I’ll be picking up any more Emily Giffin stories, even if the covers are cheerfully done in blue, pink, green and yellow.


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3 responses to “Something Quite Blue

  1. Thank you for a great review. I appreciate your comments about the over the top language. I dont’ mind swearing but when its to much, i usually quit reading it.
    Well this one won’t be on my must read list! 🙂
    Great review,

  2. enjoying your reviews — you don’t pull any punches, do you? : )

    looking forward to further reviews.

  3. I read Something Borrowed and liked it but didn’t love it. However, I’d already accidentally bought Something Blue. It’s still sitting on one of my shelves, somewhere. Thanks for the warning. I’d already figured I would never read it, but now I know that if/when I come across my copy I need to set it free.

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