Another Book Giveaway!

One of our most popular recent book reviews was of Life and Life Only, a novel by Dave Moyer about life, baseball and Bob Dylan (Is there anything else?).   If you have not read our review yet, we encourage you to enter the search terms “tangled up in blue” in the Search It! box on the right.   A good time is guaranteed for all.

Thanks to the generosity of the author, we have two new autographed copies of Life and Life Only to give away!   As always, there are easy-to-follow contest rules.   In order to enter this contest once, just send an e-mail to us at .   In order to submit a second entry, tell us what Bob Dylan or baseball has meant to you in your life.   If you’re not a fan of either, feel free to tell us so and what takes the place of baseball or Mr. Dylan in your own life (hint: we are nearing Valentines Day).   No pressure, just have fun with it.

You have until midnight PST on Sunday, February 14, 2010 – that’s St. Valentine’s Day – to submit your entry.   In order to enter, you must live within the continental United States.   Prior winners at this site are again eligible to win.

Thanks again to Dave Moyer who is rumored to be a scholar and a gentleman!



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8 responses to “Another Book Giveaway!

  1. Denny Gill

    Thanks for entering my name!

  2. Denny Gill

    The first memory I have is attending a Cincinnati Reds baseball game at old Crosley Field with my father.

  3. Mia J.

    This sounds great. Please enter me.

  4. Marianna

    Shot you an email – I have fond memories of my Dad playing bob Dylan albums and singin songs on his guitar as a kid… takes me back when I play Dylan albums at home now

  5. Donna

    What is life without the Cubs? I have many, many fond memories of watching games with my Mom, and betting against the neighbors, those crazy St. Louis fans.

  6. Dearn Marianna–
    I had a very nice picture of Bob on the way in the dining room at my old house. One of my kids once said to me, “Dad, you treat Bob like he’s a member of the family.” He doesn’t know it, but he is! He’s kept me company many a day when I needed it. I hope the book inspired some of those fond memories.

    Take care.

  7. Hey, Donna. Just had an essay accepted in SNReview that talks about going to a Brewers game with my son and meeting my dad there. Boo Cardinals. When I was a kid I visited my grandma in Chicago and we used to take in some games at Wrigley.


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