Double Take

Double Take: A Memoir by Kevin Michael Connolly

“…you are only disabled if you are incapable of overcoming the challenges presented in any given situation.”

Kevin Michael Connolly is an accomplished young American, twenty-three years old.   He was a high school wrestler, a competitive downhill skier in college, and a silver medalist in the X Games broadcast around the world.   He’s traveled to many places around the world.   He’s usually seen moving along on a skateboard.   He’s had his photographs exhibited by the Smithsonian, and has a girlfriend in New Zealand.

Did I happen to mention that he was born without legs?   No.   Maybe that’s because Connolly does not view himself as disabled.  

Reading this memoir reminds the reader that perspective is everything.   Not only is it entertaining, but there are several points where you’ll find yourself laughing out loud.   Connolly does not take pity on himself; instead he focuses on the fact that he’s already had a great life and he’s well-known.   Maybe if Connolly had been born with legs he’d have been an average Kevin who never left Montana.

This is a memoir unusually illustrated with some of Connolly’s photos of shocked people staring at him.   It is an inspiring read about a human being who doesn’t concern himself with what he has lost or never had.   He’s a lucky man, sharing his bounty with us.

Harper Studio, $19.99, 227 pages

Reprinted courtesy of Sacramento Book Review.


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