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Meet Me on the Paisley Roof by Murray Tillman – Bascom Hill Books, $14.95

This is a book that I very much wanted to like and enjoy.   However, no matter how hard I tried I could not seem to find a part of the story to grab on to.   The plot just seemed too simple and basic.   Again and again, I decided that I would read on to the next chapter and it would surely get to be more interesting.   It did not.  

I can, however, certainly see how the retro tone of this book will remind some of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn; Mark Twain’s Young Adult (YA) characters.   The narrator’s voice does have a charmingness about it.   Perhaps this  book will become popular as a YA book.   It simply was not adult enough for me.

Now here’s a first for this site.   While perusing the web I found another book blogger’s review of this same book and was startled to see how similar her thoughts were about Paisley Roof.   With her permission, I’m quoting her review as follows.

The reason it has taken me so long to review this book is because I have tried and tried to work my way through it but to no avail.   I cannot say this book is poorly written.   The storyline just did not hold my interest.  

I understand it is a coming-of-age story but it was simply too juvenile for my liking.   I loved the major issues that were incorporated into the story…  Like being left with a step-parent and the friends having serious family issues such as domestic violence.   Overall, I think this book is for younger readers.

Thanks to Vern for letting me quote her review!   You can follow her on twitter at .

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This space for rent.   (Just kidding…  I have no idea why WordPress left so much blank space at the end of this post.   It’s always something, isn’t it?)   A review copy of Meet Me on the Paisley Roof was received from the publisher.



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  1. (((hugs))) thx joseph for the shout out! I love your reviews!

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