Win the Life You’ve Imagined

No, we don’t have magical powers but, thanks to Avon Books/HarperCollins, we do have two (2) copies to give away of The Life You’ve Imagined: A Novel by Kristine Riggle.   This trade paperback book has a value of $13.99.   Here is an official synopsis:

Are you living the life you imagined?   Is there anything you’d have done differently if you could?   Those are the questions asked in Kristina Riggle’s unforgettable novel.

In high school, Cami and Anna were as close as they could be…  now, years later, both have returned to their hometown to face the people they had once left behind.   Anna must confront her mother, still distraught over the abandonment of her husband, and come to terms with choices she had made years before.   While Cami returns home to stay with her alcoholic father, she uncovers a secret he sought to keep which could change her life and salvage her future.   They reconnect with their classmate, Amy, who can’t understand why achieving the thin body and handsome man of her dreams hasn’t given her the happily-ever-after life she desired.

This is a novel that digs deep and touches the heart of the issues so many women face – the quest for perfection, the hope of love, the value of family and the importance of always striving for your dream.

Here are a couple of comments about this novel:

“(Riggle) explores what happens when real life diverges sharply from childhood dreams.   Her strong and complicated female characters are interesting and likable, and she ably weaves together multiple story lines.”   Booklist

“Rich, messy and real…  Kristina Riggle is going to be my official go-to for novels about the complications of everyday life.”   The Devourer of Books

In order to enter this giveaway, you should answer the key question, “Are you living the life you imagined?”   You can post your response below, or if you prefer send an e-mail with your reply to .   This will count as a first entry.   For a second entry, post your answer to the question, “What is the one thing in your life that you absolutely would not change?”

In order to be eligible to win a book, you must live in the continental U.S. and have a residential mailing address.   Books will not be shipped to a P. O. Box or to a business-related address.   The two winners will be drawn at random by our highly experienced contest administrator, Munchy the cat.   You have until Midnight PST on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 to enter.

This is it for the highly complex contest rules.   Good luck and good reading!


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6 responses to “Win the Life You’ve Imagined

  1. I have five kids and never imagined my life as it is. I wanted to be a business woman and realized when number two came that I wanted to me a full-time mom and homemaker. SO I guess I am living the life I want, not the one I thought I would be. lisapeters at yahoo dot com

  2. I would not change where I live, I love to walk everywhere and I love the fact that I grew up here. We purchases my parents home when they retired and you really can go home again. My kids love the house and the kids in the neighborhood. Growing up in a small town seemed boring as a youth, but now it is perfect for me. lisapeters at yahoo dot com

  3. Tiffany D.

    I am not living the life I imagined, but I can’t say I am unhappy with what my life has turned out to be. I always thought I would go to school and have a nice career, but instead I am a stay at home mom to my two kids. I do love being home with them, but I am also looking forward to getting back to work someday.

  4. Tiffany D.

    I would not change having my kids when I did. They are my life, and I couldn’t imagine being without them. Everything we have struggled for is worth it just to be with them.

  5. pearl

    I believe that the life I imagined was probably more of a fantasy than reality since youth cannot envision what awaits them. But my life is close to ideal so I cannot complain since my health which is my priority is the most important factor right now.

  6. pearl

    I would not change the choice I made regarding husband and children since it has turned out to be a wise one and happy one.

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