Win The Piano Player

On May 27, 2011 on this site we reviewed The Upright Piano Player: A Novel by David Abbott (“Lonely Days”) and we concluded that it is highly recommended.   Now, thanks to Doubleday, we’re offering you a chance to win one of two (2) copies of Piano Player, which has a value of $22.95.Here is the official synopsis of this book:

Henry Cage seems to have it all: a successful career, money, a beautiful home, and a reputation for being a just and principled man.   But public virtues can conceal private failings, and as Henry faces retirement, his well-ordered life begins to unravel.   His ex-wife is ill, his relationship with his son is strained to point of estrangement, and on the eve of the new millennium he is the victim of a random violent act which soon escalates into prolonged harassment.

As his ex-wife’s illness becomes grave, it is apparent that there is little time to redress the mistakes of the past.   But the man stalking Henry remains at large.   Who is doing this?   And why?   David Abbott brilliantly pulls this thread of tension ever tighter until the surprising and emotionally impactful conclusion.   The Upright Piano Player is a wise and acutely observed novel about the myriad ways in which life tests us – no matter how carefully we have constructed our own little fortresses.

And in a review in The Huffington Post (“Upright Piano Player is gracefully constructed”), Michelle Wiener called this: “(A) quietly devastating debut novel…  It moves slowly and deliberately in delicate prose, gracefully and wholly consuming.”

In order to enter this giveaway, just post a comment below with your name and e-mail address, or send an e-mail message with the heading Piano Player to .   This will count as a first entry.   For a second entry, tell us when you encountered a test in your life (literal or otherwise) and how you got past it.  

In order to be eligible to enter this contest, you must live in the continental U.S. or in Canada, and be able to supply a residential address if you’re contacted as a winner.   Books will not be shipped to a P. O. box or to a business-related address.   You have until 12:00 Midnight PST on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 to submit your entry or entries.   The winners names will be drawn at random on July 20th, and those contacted by e-mail will have 72 hours within which to supply their residential mailing addresses. 

This is it for the complex contest rules.   Good luck and good reading!


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3 responses to “Win The Piano Player

  1. Tammy


    Test in life:

    Boy, if you goto my blog you will see what the test in my life is right now. and I also have this one (bbook reviews)

    The most recent test I could say is our moving. We had to move from Oklahoma to New York. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We were on the road for longer than what we wanted! But, now onto the good things: We got a house before we even moved which is excellent for being in the Military. We got all the funding we needed. And we got there safe! I give God the thanks for all of it since He stepped in and helped us!


  2. anne

    Thanks for this fascinating giveaway. It sounds compelling and memorable.

  3. anne

    At times during my life I have had to surmount various trials and tribulations. When I was young I went to school at night for 10 years and worked during the day to support my family. I did not think that this was extraordinary but something that had to be accomplished. Later on when I was much older I had to take a job that was a difficult burden to shoulder but knew that this would be necessary to survive at the time. I know that I learned from these experiences and they did test my fortitude and strength.

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