Win a copy of Huck!

We recently posted a review of Huck: The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family – and a Whole Town – About Hope and Happy Endings by Janet Elder.   I gave Huck our highest rating as a read, Highly Recommended.   This one is so good that David Letterman said, “You’ll feel better about everything after you read this.”

Now, thanks to the publisher (Broadway Books), we have three (3) copies of Huck to give away to our readers.   This trade paperback is 301 pages long – with a new Afterward – and has a retail value of $15.00.   We’re also adding two additional copies of Huck that we picked up, and a hard-to-find pre-publication galley (Advance Review Copy) that we located; the latter version runs 295 pages in length.   So, if Sasha the kitten is right – she’s counting on her paws – we’ll have not 1, 2, 3 or even 5 winners, but six (6) winners in this contest!

To enter this giveaway, tell us why you would like to win a copy of this particular story.   This is open-book, so feel free to read or re-read the review (“The Pick of the Litter”) that I posted on this site on October 30, 2011; and/or any other reviews or information that you can locate on the internet.   Post your response as a comment below including an e-mail address where you can be contacted, or send your reply as an e-mail to: .   This will count as a first entry.

For a second entry, tell us about the most important or unique animal you’ve encountered in your life.   This can be an animal that you or your family owned, or one that was owned by a neighbor, or even one that you visited in a zoo.   What did you learn from this animal?   Again, you can post your response below or submit it as an e-mail message. In order to be eligible to enter and win this contest, you must live in the continental United States or Canada and be able to supply a residential (street) address if contacted.   Books will not be shipped to a P. O. box or business-related address.   You have until 12:00 p.m./midnight on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 to submit your entry or entries.   However, the winners may be selected and notified before then depending on the quality of the entries received – so don’t delay!  

This is it for the “complex” contest rules.   Let’s hope that you’re one of the readers that will soon be adding a copy of Huck: The Remarkable Story of… One Lost Puppy to your library!

Joseph Arellano



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5 responses to “Win a copy of Huck!

  1. anne

    The book would be inspiring and uplifting since the entire community became involved in the rescue of this special dog . The story sounds incredibly moving and special. many thanks.

  2. anne

    I rescued a small, mix dog, looks like a mini German Shepherd and is very handsome. This dog is amazingly smart and sensitive to people and their individual personalities.

  3. When I married, I knew immediately a pup had to be a part of our lives. After all, I had owned a pup throughout my childhood and into my young adult life. So, we picked a pup. She was half Beagle and something else which made “Diamond” very cute. The name Diamond seemed perfect. Because in the middle of her forehead we saw a shape of a diamond. No one could miss that mark.

    Diamond was as precious as the gem to me. I had moved from Philadelphia to Tennessee to live with my new husband. It wasn’t very long before homesickness hit me with a POW! My husband understood my feelings. The problem was he had to go places and go to sleep. Diamond had all the time in the world just to be there with me and for me. When I needed to sleep, she slept. When I needed to cry, she moaned and drew closer up in my arms. When I needed just to touch and hold her, she was there. When I needed to explore our new neighborhood, she walked with me.

    Amazing, any time, any place, and in any way she could find possible, she gave her heart to me. She made me feel at home in Tennessee, a place far, far away from my real home. She cured my homesickness. Thank you, Diamond wherever you are in Doggie heaven.

  4. Ellie

    When my mother lost my dad she was bereft. I knew that she needed a new interest and a way of living again. I was able to locate the sweetest and most adorable dog for her. This dog was her companiion for years and gave her back her confidence and life. Guido was her loyal and devoted sweetheart and he is sorely missed as is my mom.

  5. Kara DiDomizio

    I have a passion for helping and hearing other people tell stories about animals. I volunteer regularly at local shelters and I’ve seen so many amazing stories. I know that my Aunt used to have a dog that recently passed that was an amazing guy they picked up at a local rescue shelter. He was the most loyal and compassionate dog I’ve met.

    I also have two cats, both funny and more characteric personality wise of a dog than a cat. Smokey loves to sit up and beg underneath the food table for anything from meat to veggies even if he wouldn’t like them! Kona, my other one, we got from another rescue shelter. These animals are truly some of the best things about my life.

    I would love, love to read this story and probably review it. I love books that are about real life stories especially ones about animal.

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    Kara D.

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