Follow That Dream

Mr. M 3

Mr. M & The Red Thread by Soizick Meister (Read Leaf, $16.95, 54 pages)

Mr. M & The Red Thread is a nice, small art book about the need to follow one’s dreams in life. The story is based on a Chinese proverb which states that those who are meant to meet are bound by an invisible, unbreakable red thread. Mr. M is a man who lives in isolation, yet continually sees a red thread representing someone he apparently used to love. At the end of the story, he elects to reunite with this person from his past.

While this is a sweet story, it’s hard to see who the audience might be for this work by the Canadian artist Soizick Meister. Adults will view it as a children’s book (it’s printed on the size stock that is usually reserved for “little one’s” books), and children will not understand the obtuse artwork and language that hides the tale’s true meanings. I doubt that parents will want to take the time to translate the tale into simple, basic words. The publisher may wish to reprint the book in a children’s edition which is more direct and does not play hide the ball — or hide the string, as it may be — with the book’s message.

Perhaps Mr. M & The Red Thread is meant for adult readers with a childlike mindset. For most, it’s an oddity that simply does not work.

Joseph Arellano

A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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