America the Beautiful

America’s National Parks: A Pop-Up Book by Bruce Foster, Dave Ember and Don Compton (W. W. West, $34.95, 22 pages)

America's National Parks

The world’s first national park, Yellowstone National Park, was established in 1872. Forty-four years later, on August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the National Park Service in the Department of the Interior.

The majesty and vibrancy of the 18 parks featured in this remarkable book literally jump off the page. Readers, both young and not-so-young, are provided with a 3-D peek at the most representative feature for each park. Additionally, small pop-ups include some of the vegetation, creature inhabitants and even activities that make a visit special. The narrative breaks the country into geographic regions to better grasp the relationship they have.

This reviewer was delighted by the intensity of the colors and the fine quality of the paper stock that goes into this nearly magical pop-up book. Perhaps it brings back memories of the Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz book that belonged to my mom. There’s a huge difference this time around! Our national parks are real, no illusion like in Oz.

While pop-up books can be a delight to hold for little children, America’s National Parks is best left to older kids and grown-ups to manage for their viewing pleasure. The book is sure to be a family treasure that can spark interest in some memorable adventures in the real world.

Highly recommended.

Ruta Arellano

A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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  1. Teresa

    Thanks Ruta, nice review; will remember to use reading to kids vrs them reading on their own.

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