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We had winners!

We’ve been so excited about our current book giveaway contests that we forgot to post the names of the winners of our most recent contest.   Congratulations to the three (3) winners of Double Take: A Memoir by Kevin Michael Connolly.   Our winners were:  Marianna Ballard of Louisville, Mississippi; Sarah Emmerson of Westminster, California; and Renee Grandinetti of Valleyford, Washington.   This goes to prove, once again, that those with last names in the early part of the alphabet (A through G) are luckier than those who come later!

Thanks again to SallyAnne McCartin & Associates and HarperStudio for providing the contest books and mailing them out to our winners.   It was much appreciated!


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We have winners!

Yes, Munchy did his feline duty and drew five winners from the large plastic container that contained many, many entries.   The winners of a fine trade paperback copy of Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell are:   Angela C., Jessica L., Lindsay Pasch, Bookfool, and Pearl Berger.

Our winners came from the states of Indiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas and Virginia.

Many thanks to Valerie at Hachette Books for the copies of Beat the Reaper.Beat the reaper audio 

Congratulations to our five winners, and thanks to all who entered this contest!   At some point in the near future, we’ll be hosting our fourth book giveaway.   Bookmark this site!

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