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Download This Book (at a deep discount)

Early Decision: Based on a True Frenzy by Lacy Crawford is a novel that sells for a list price of $25.99. But you can download the book today for less than $2.00 ($1.99) on a Kindle or Nook device – this is an 84% discount on the normal Nook Book price and a 92% discount on the standard Kindle Edition price!

Early Decision (Nook Book)

Here’s a description of this unique fact-based novel which I have read and recommend:

In Early Decision, debut novelist Lacy Crawford draws on 15 years of experience traveling the world as a highly sought-after private college admissions counselor to illuminate the madness of college admissions. Working one-on-one with Tiger-mothered, scholastically burned-out teens, Anne “the application whisperer” can make Harvard, Yale or Princeton open their elite gates. The story follows five very different students over one autumn as Anne helps them write their admission essays, cram for the SATs and perfect the dreaded yet essential Common Application. If it seems that their entire future is on the line, that’s because it is.

Is there cheating involved? You will need to read Early Decision to find out.

Joseph Arellano


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