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Lost and Found

library of lost and foundThe Library of Lost and Found: A Novel by Phaedra Patrick (Park Row, $24.99, 352 pages)

Family secrets, we all have them, right?  Martha Storm is no exception.  She’s a no nonsense middle-aged woman living on her own in the house she inherited from her parents.  It’s the house she grew up in and nothing has changed.  Well, not really.  There are bins and bags and piles of items throughout the house.  Each contains a project that Martha has taken on for neighbors, coworkers, the local school and even her sister.

Martha is an over functioning library volunteer and all around reliable person who dedicated 15 years of her life to caring for her aging parents.  Five years after their passing, she faces new challenges – a dwindling inheritance, the need to seek a paying job, and undeniable loneliness.  She frequently reflects on the happier times in her life when Zelda, her devil-may-care grandmother, was alive.

A brown paper parcel left on the library steps on Valentine’s Day evening triggers events that Martha could never have imagined no matter how hard she might have tried.  The story gracefully swoops here and there picking up momentum until the reader is thoroughly engaged in Martha’s quest.  There’s no way this reviewer will divulge more of The Library of Lost and Found.  To do so would be a grave mistake.

Author Phaedra Patrick has once more written a deeply moving yet amusing tale of a life, not the ones her characters are living, rather, the ones that unfold when they pay attention to unexpected happenings, however ordinary they may seem at first glance.

Ms. Patrick, the author of The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper and Rise and Shine Benedict Stone, has switched up her main character for a feisty and determined woman who tries to avoid feelings.  These novels are not a series.  Feel free to begin enjoying the magic of her writing with whichever one you choose.

Highly recommended.

Ruta Arellano

The reviewer purchased the Kindle edition ($11.00) of The Library of Lost and Found.  The book was published on March 26, 2019.




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Doing Battle

What Strange Creatures (nook book)

What Strange Creatures: A Novel by Emily Arsenault (William Morrow, $14.99, 368 pages)

I did not intend to read this book. I picked it up while I was heating something to eat and, boom, I was hooked. This is the story of a divorced graduate student, Theresa Battle – about five years past her PhD completion date, whose younger ne’er-do-well brother has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. The problem is that her brother lied to the police during the homicide investigation; he actually stalked his own girlfriend when she went out of town, thinking she was meeting an old flame. He had the means, motive and opportunity to kill her.

Author Emily Arsenault draws the reader in with a very calm, focused style. It’s almost as if one’s watching the story unfold in slow motion, but everything about it seems real – from the dialogue to the people involved, and their pets. This is not a book for those who want action on every page – I put that type of book down to read this one, without regret.

The reader will wonder whether Battle can free her brother since his plight involves a very powerful individual out to protect himself at all costs. It’s worth reading What Strange Creatures to find out.

Highly recommended.

Joseph Arellano

A review copy was provided by the publisher. This book will be released on Tuesday, June 22, 2014.

Emily Arsenault.jpg

“Arsenault writes a smart tale about a character who finds it hard to save herself, but will do anything to save her brother.” Jacqueline R. Sheehan, New York Times bestselling author of Lost and Found.

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