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Magic Unleashed

Unleashed amazon

Unleashed: A Kate Turner, DVM, Mystery by Eileen Brady (Poisoned Pen Press, $15.95, 266 pages)

Animal lovers get set for an adventure-filled mystery from Eileen Brady, the second in her Kate Turner series (Muzzled was the first book). Toto, a wire haired Cairn terrier owned by artist Claire Burnham, is left an orphan in the care of Dr. Kate Turner, the vet in Oak Falls, New York. Claire’s death is an apparent suicide but the prologue of Unleashed sets up the death as a pre-meditated murder.

The cheerful easy-going narrative of Kate’s life as a small town vet is engaging and her relationships are consistent with the first book in the series. Kate and her assistant, Mari, make house calls when emergencies or problems with non-portable pets such as potbellied pigs occur.

Kate’s wide circle of friends and clients provides her with several potential alternatives for Claire’s “suicide.” Readers will be brought along as she works through each of her suspicions about Claire’s demise.

Unleashed 3

Brady’s journal quality writing brings the reader along during Kate’s work and off-hours. There are many fascinating veterinary cases presented throughout the text. This book has much to offer.

Well recommended.

Magician's Daughter

The Magician’s Daughter: A Valentine Hill Mystery by Judith Janeway (Poisoned Pen Press, $14.95, 236 pages)

Next up is the first in a series featuring an aspiring magician named Valentine Hill. Valentine is a young woman who is working as a magician’s assistant in a casino in Las Vegas. Her first person narrative is brisk and fast-paced. Her status as an actual person is tenuous because her mother has withheld Valentine’s birthdate and the name of her father. Yes, this is an odd situation for anyone and is especially so due to her mother’s habit of running scams and flitting from one duped mark to another.

There’s a fine line between a quirky story and a silly one. Author Janeway has mastered the art of telling a really good story, albeit one definitely off the beaten path. Valentine moves from Las Vegas to San Francisco in search of her vital statistics as she follows clues to her mother’s whereabouts. The folks she encounters along the way provide the reader with an inside look at a segment of society (hustlers and buskers) that is not part of most mysteries.

Well recommended.

Ruta Arellano

Review copies were provided by the publisher.

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Doggone Good

Muzzled (nook book)

Muzzled: A Kate Turner, DVM, Mystery by Eileen Brady (Poisoned Pen Press, $24.95, 219 pages)

Back at the hospital, finished for the day, I sank exhausted into Doc’s worn office chair and closed my eyes. I was tempted to take a hit off the Jack Daniels bottle I knew lay hidden behind the huge Ettinger’s Veterinary Medicine reference book on the shelf above his desk.

The reader jumps right into Dr. Kate Turner’s life as a small town veterinarian who is filling in for long time Oak Fall Veterinary Hospital owner Doc Anderson. Doc is on an around-the-world cruise with his sister. The trip is his way of celebrating her successful battle with cancer and fulfilling her dream.

Author Eileen Brady, a 20-year veterinarian herself, interjects charming scenes of pets receiving treatment throughout the tale. A grisly double murder of a wealthy elderly couple named Langthorne that breeds and shows Cavalier King Charles spaniels kicks off the action. Kate Turner is the first on the murder scene and dutifully calls in the police.

As small towns go, this one is typical with plenty of gossip and mistrust for newcomers. Kate has been in town working on contract for Doc a scant four months, which makes her a likely suspect by the locals, especially in light of her discovery of the bodies at the Langthorne mansion. Motive? Anyone’s guess is possible, but not necessary.

Kate manages to treat her patients skillfully while doling out good advice to their owners. Readers are bound to pick up helpful knowledge as well. Kate’s need to clear herself and solve the murder puts her into several dangerous situations. Author Brady provides a full cast of potential murderers who need to be vetted. (Sorry, I could not resist the pun.) The intense rivalry among show dog owners plays a part in the action.

All in all, most anyone will thoroughly enjoy this mystery and animal lovers will be absolutely sure to love it. Woof!

Highly recommended.

Ruta Arellano

A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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Muzzled 2

A review of Muzzled: A Kate Turner D.V.M. Mystery by Eileen Brady.

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